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Earth Day-April 22

Here at Yahoo!, we've been gearing up for Earth Day, which is April 22. Since 1970, people have celebrated by cleaning up public land, promoting protection of natural resources, and spreading awareness of conservation efforts. We've been doing our part by recycling, carpooling, and cutting back on our energy consumption.
In February we asked you to tell us about your "green" groups, and the variety of responses was impressive! Here are just a few:
My Parks: "This community aims to foster public understanding of and involvement in Malaysia’s natural and humanized (aka cultural) landscapes."
Gen 10 People: "A forum for discussion on topics involving the theoretical meaning and the practical implications of eco-communities in the larger picture of the world we live in."
Urban Permaculture: "Best practices for sustainable, renewable resources for housing, energy production, food, transportation, sanitation, and health, design of systems for sustainable living, voluntary simplicity and other topics related to urban living."
Alt Fuels Furnace: "A meeting place to exchange information and ideas for adapting/building a residential oil burner that uses HHO(home heating oil)to burn alternative fuels."
NEVs: "For those who own or are considering owning low speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicles."
There was also great representation for groups associated with
Freecycle.org, a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing waste by making it easy for people to give away their old stuff to others who need it. Freecycle is one of the featured organizations on our Earth Day site, where you can learn more about saving energy around your home, green shopping, and volunteer opportunities.
Will you and your group get involved in Earth Day activities? Tell us in our comments section.
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