sexta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2007

Sintomas da Mudança Vibratória

another update:
Lots of headaches, musclepains, fatigue, fevers, colds, lower back pains, coughing, heavy 'head' like it will explode, sudden wake-ups, when waking up feeling stressed or uncomfortable, troubles waking up in the density of earth, weird dreams, weird thoughts, not being able to meditate, troubles with walking, grounding exercises takes longer to connect to earth, etc etc...
A lot of clearing again is going on. Go with the motion, don't swim upstream. This will go on at least till march 15, 2007, so sit back and be relaxed about it although it feels not comfortable.Take-it-in, say to yourself: it is what it is and don't pay much attention to it.
Look in the calendar on this page for more info (channelings) if you feel you need to know more. Retirei do site da Marina:
E...fiquei aliviada, pois nas ultimas semanas tenho piorado fisicamente a um ponto, principalmente a fadiga, que me estava a ser dificil gerir a situação.
Mas fiz a minha 1ª exposição de pintura e estive no workshop todo o fim de semana.
Voltarei assim que puder.

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