quarta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2007

G. Mark Mulleian Art

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A hovering fetus beseeches and reaches out in quest of survival through a post-nuclear-war world.
As a vortex of hot winds reshapes the sky, an eagle descends toward the light offering hope that this calamity may never take place.
Our salvation depends on the transforming power of human hearts.
Only in the center of our being will we be able to find the guidance necessary to prevent our extinction.
To study details of the painting click any of the following areas:
Mountain Top
Area Above the Fetus
Area to the Left of the Fetus
Area to the Right of the Fetus
Mountains and Farmland
Freight Train

Mulleian created this image in 1987 with dedication to the prevention of nuclear disaster.
The original painting is in the collection of Spenco Medical Corporation and WRS Group, Inc. of Texas.
Dies Irae is a feature in" The Healing Arts - The Best American Artists Look at Medicine Today," a hardcover art publication.

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