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The Face as a Map

The Face as a Map
One of the core beliefs in Chinese medicine is that the part contains the whole. The idea of the face as a map can be applied in many ways, not just as in indicator of past and future health, or times of life, but also as a way to diagnose organs and body parts. This is based on pathways of the deep and superficial meridians and on the three divisions from top to bottom.

If you’ve been overworking, worrying, not sleeping, drinking too much coffee and trying to juggle too many commitments, look at your kidney/liver area which is the half moon-shaped area under the eye. If the area is puffy and blue, you are working too hard, depleting your adrenals, eating too much rich food and causing an imbalance in the fluid balance of the body. Look at your ears and if they are redder than the skin on your face, you are overworking your adrenal glands. This also applies if the inner corner of the eye has a sunken, dark blue look to it.

However, if the area is dark brown and has a congested look, your liver is showing signs of “liver energy stagnation”. This could mean that your liver is stressed, possibly through pent-up frustration or anger or rich food and alcohol. If this indication is combined with one-sided headaches, jaw tension and two vertical lines between the eyebrows you could find that fat and hormone metabolism is affected. If the two vertical lines from the end of the eyebrows are combined with two smaller hook-shaped lines, this means that the gall bladder is also showing stress. Spots and lines on the forehead point to congestion from too much oily food or dairy.

Stomach and Intestines
The mouth shows the energy of the stomach and intestines and the lower part of the face relates to the lower abdomen. Congestion such as white spots or a granular-like feeling under the skin and blotchy areas may point to yeast infection, too much dairy or sugar in the diet.If the chin is red and swollen, it may mean that there is a structural weakness in the organs, candida or stuck energy in the abdomen. If the lower lip protrudes, this shows a sluggish colon and if the top lip is cracked, red, or has spots at the corner, this could indicate stomach acidity or heat caused by inappropriate diet. Lines which go down the cheek from the inner corner of the eye are another indication of a bowel problem. A yellow colour around the mouth and lack of tone in the mouth indicate that the digestive energy is weak and a change of diet and enzymes are needed. On the other hand, a green colour indicates that the liver is the prime cause of the problem. Very thin lips indicate someone who may have workaholic tendencies.
Redness, puffiness and breakouts around the nostrils and lower cheek indicate too many dairy products which produce mucus and congestion in the lungs. You may be on the verge of a bronchial infection if this area suddenly becomes red and dry.

Energy and Vitality
The eyebrows relate to our creative, mental and sexual energies and the amount of drive and go we have. They are also a pointer to how we relate to others, family and society. The larger and thicker they are, then the more forceful, driven, active and possibly aggressive their owner will be.By contrast, fine eyebrows denote sensitivity and less robust health .Hairs growing in different directions show a restless mind, someone who needs help to focus ,while pointed eyebrows belong to someone who is innovative, determined, independent and likes to be first in everything they do. Dark crescent-shaped eyebrows belong to people who need to make decisions intuitively and like to work with others. They show strong water energy . Thyroid problems are indicated by eyebrows which dissipate at the ends .The elements present in a face indicate the strengths and weaknesses that the person has to deal with in this life; the shape of features set the pattern and timing of events in a life. The zones show current and potential health patterns. So, when reading a face it is important to take each feature within the context of the whole.

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Muito interessante este mapa da cara. Eu que ando sempre cheia de olheiras concordo plenamente no que está ai indicado, umas das partes fracas minhas são o figado e o estomago.
As melhoras!