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by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

This year, 2007 (27/9), is all about assessment, discernment and detachment with a constant eye to taking your part in the manifestation of the enlightened society we are all approaching. The goal is to reach an understanding and realization of the oneness of mankind, to blend your ideas and ideals into universal consciousness and blend personal love into Universal Love knowing these concepts are not mutually exclusive.

August (26/8) is a month of manifestation, of reaping your harvest. It is an easy-flowing external energy as long as you let it flow rather than being like the beaver and building a dam. Accept the abundance offered to you in many spontaneous situations. Examine the details of your physical "harvest," exercise discernment, keep your vision before you, and then act (choose) wisely. It is all right to not accept what does not fit for you. The goal is to be so in your center, into the flow, so balanced within that you can manifest the truth, be the cause of your reality.

AUGUST 1 TO AUGUST 4, 2007 (15/6)You begin this month of truth and cause with the energies that remind you to NEVER disregard your intuitive feelings. Look beneath the surface and see the situation as it really is making changes as needed to put things in order. Two key words will guide you: Perception and Evaluation. Adjust your perception until you find that responsibility does not limit you, it sets you free. Understand that this balance is found in understanding the truth about Detachment and the meaning of Change. Whatever comes to you, put it in order, in some meaningful pattern, for you. The goal is to understand that freedom must be exercised wisely and with love from a place of knowing what really is and choosing your actions responsibly.

AUGUST 5 to AUGUST 11, 2007 (25/7)This is a week to be reflective, to examine and reassess where you are and how far you’ve come. Keep your vision of what you want before you all week and use that to reassess and, if necessary, reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force for the greatest good. As situations present themselves you may have to be flexible, adaptable and resourceful in order to adjust your approach to the truth and your demonstration of it in your life. Pay attention to information coming to you because it will be there to clarify your situation. The goal is to accept that you have awakened to your Truth and your power within that springs from it in order to understand the reality of life.

AUGUST 12 to AUGUST 18, 2007 (26/8)Now you have a benevolent week of abundance so be grateful for what you’ve created through cooperation and compatibility. If details in your material affairs come to your attention, examine them to see if they still fit with your vision of abundance: this includes your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Much will occur spontaneously so stay centered in order to choose your actions wisely to reap the harvest you have created. Pick the wheat and leave the chaff. The goal is to learn to use your generosity wisely so that it’s an asset to you and others, thus being the greatest expression of God on earth.

AUGUST 19 to AUGUST 25, 2007 (20/2)This is a week of opportunities to make choices from that center of your inner power and knowing. As you do that, as you reach for the "highest common denominator", you’ll gain more and more illumination. Seek peace and balance through willingness to change. Patience is the watchword this week, both with yourself and others. You’ve contacted your inner knowing, you’ve recognized your Higher Wisdom, listen to it for guidance and direction in your choosing this week. The goal is to be aware of the new plans, new ideas, new purposes, and new ambitions these energies bring to you for your evaluation.

AUGUST 26 to AUGUST 31, 2007 (18/9)The month ends with the energies of service to humanity, remembering that you are part of humanity too. You may find your emotions and feelings intensifying and your imagination being particularly vivid. It is now time to bring all parts of you into truth and balance so that your yearning for peace and love to uplift everyone you come in contact with can be fulfilled. Be willing to take the lead while holding your humanitarian interests in your thoughts and you will influence your community and the lives you touch. The goal is to remain sensitive to all around you while being detached from it and centered in your self in order to serve all.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. She can be contacted by email at Rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

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